The Eye That Sleepeth Not

Jamber Bole's paranoid thoughts

After Fides laid our plans to Ramos and Severine we were give some for of officer quarters. The place was better than just sleeping in the Faustus, though if anyone asked me I would have spent the night there. After a couple of hours of rejuvenating sleep we were wakened by this chanting in High Gothic. At first I didn’t recognize it and mistook it for some Heretical Text but soon my head cleared up. Anyways after my mourning routine we were approached by an Administratum clerk. He delivered the video footage of the inspection of our Faustus. It appears that man navy cell was doing it. The one who entered the Faustus we have identified as Voidman Sarban. He is the one who most likely put the xeno tech device on our vessel.

We discussed this information and decided to join the current Administratum Investigation party that was preparing to fly to Exibition and demand copies of all legal trade done there. Two shuttles were prepared and we boarded one of them. Upon landing we discovered that the way was blocked due to maintenance. The navy person who was leading us said that this happened to him before. The place that held the archives was fortunately the Arbites Stationhouse on Exibition. There we met the head of the Arbites who happened to be a friend of the sargeant who did these trips.

Our two cogheads apparently discovered some discrepancies with some of files. Apparently the AdMech enclave here seem to steal/misplace most of the ore going into the Fauce Malmortius. The product they ship out is not matching the resources going in. Either some of it is kept without records or somehow misplaced. So we’ve decided to going to the AdMech place so my clockwork collegues can investigate their ‘friends’. I asked for four navymen to keep us company while we make our way there.

One of the guys even said Fides has an amazing ass in High Gothic. This gentlemen has a keen aye and a sharp mind. So he got the lead position in showing us the way. I already like this guy. He even let me in on some information about Sarban. Apparently that wretch always made sure to put all his comrades into trouble by being absent. After we are done with exibition I would like to use my new tools on this Sarban friend.

On the way there we spotted Charro but I decided not to veer off our course. Clearly the Emperor and his Holy Inquisition have a plan for him and on that matter for us.

Praised be the Golden Throne.


MalYaska SixStrSam

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