The Eye That Sleepeth Not


Fides and Jamber have some time while the Tech-Adepts are in the forge. The ratings mentioned going to a brothel but that was refused immediately. Also the idea of just getting some recaf was rejected by Fides calling it heretical, even though she had it on Aventine. After an argument, Fides and Jamber go about trying to find rumours. Besides the dealings with the Combine there are rumours about stowaways arriving at the Combine and the Exibition, most of whom are tossed beneath the Blight gate into a quarentine zone for diseased. The zone has turned into a slum and while the Blight gate can’t be passed, people could get there through old pipes and shafts. There is also news about Lycus returning to his estate in the First Hearth and of guests arriving there for some kind of party. Also the Psyker smugglers seem to be inactive momentarily.
In the meanwhile Genevieve and Lazarus are in the Manufactorum, where they walk towards the cogitators. There are some tech-priests at the cogitaters but they are busy discussing and don’t seem to notice. Fairly easy Genevieve extracts two years of data from the Trademaster General’s scribe servitor, recently the Trademaster General has been writing about a trade contact with Kalto. The databanks seem to be in a mess, someone purged some data and now the registry is damaged. A clear tech-heresy Genevieve is disgusted and backs away.
Jamber picks up this fear which seems to be broadcasted throughout Exibition, though the origin is not Genevieve. Jamber feels it’s essence as something mechanical, lifeless, psykic and filled with death and decay. There are seven of these beings and they bear the tained of Nurgle. Having just come to this realization Jamber vomits and drops in his food. He then ushers Fides to a more private place and tells her what he sensed, at which point Fides gets aggresive and attacks Jamber for talking about heresy.
In the Manufactorum a magos is approaching Genevieve and Lazarus asking them what their business here is. She walks up and goes throught the cogitators to look at what they have been doing. She appears to has find the heresy herself and in her rage starts making accussations to Genevieve and Lazarus.


MalYaska Dhe29a

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