The Eye That Sleepeth Not


As the acolytes are at the Manufactorum, there is a broadcast from the Arbites putting the station on a hazard level 2 lockdown. Having left Jamber at the stationhouse they first need to find out what happend. Leaving through the main entrance the plaza they come to is rather deserted. The roof towards the First Hearth and the stationhouse is glowing from intense heat. Genevieve taps into the Arbites communication, the Arbites have several squads deployed in Exibition that are unable make contact with their dispatch. The Arbites are pursuing subjects throughout the First Hearth and the free trading zone. The acolytes take the elevator to the main entrance of the stationhouse, aproaching it there is a man in carapace controlling a heavy bolter who turns aggressive but he is easily killed. They go examine his body for signs of heresy.
Meanwhile Jamber regains consciousness and finds himself restained and drugged in a candle lit room with two priest praying. A man in red robes enters the room, shoots the priests and walks towards Jamber enjoying his situation. The man whispers to Jamber “We saw what you did and be certain that Ramos will die screaming like his predecessor”. He then walks out of the room and drags the body of a rating hurt by corrosive acid into the room and drops a vial with something on the floor. When the man leaves Jamber burns the bodies with psykic flames. Also burning off his restrains he is freed but still locked inside the room as he sends a muttered message to the others.
The others go inside the station where there are signs of heavy previous fighting and they go into a bunker to prepare to triagulate Jamber’ position through his comms. The bunker has been blown open and there are bodies in Arbites armor laying about. They appear to have been shot from the doorway with no chance to retaliate and then searched and disarmed. Triagulating shows Jamber is a bit below them. To get a map of the station they access a powered down cogitator but as it turns on, it starts an alarm warning that the psyker prison is being cleansed by fire. The acolytes hurry towards Jamber going through a triple bulkhead lock to get to the prison area. Inside they can see the light of roaring flames and the hot air is filled with black smoke. Fides and Genevieve are fine but as Lazarus feels as this harsh environment is starting to wear him down he decides to go back to the bulkheads and prepare them for when they leave. Genevieve opens the door to Jambers’ room and Fides drags out the crying Jamber.
As Lazarus is standing outside he hears the screeching of wheels and he sees a dozen Arbites dressed men approaching, who are pushing two carts with bodies. Seeing Lazarus four of them point their bolterpistol towards Lazarus and surround him while one spits out “Who guards the molten sun”. A clear code phrase but unknown to Lazarus, the Arbites get hostile. The others aproach and hear the Arbites treaten Larazus and when Fides tells them to stand down, one of them blurts out “The filth supplied by servants of Tzeentch will trouble us no longer and the resistance of the pure will falter and the glorious flesh shall envelop this station.” and fighting breaks out. Four of them are killed here, one of the carts’ wheels are shot and the other is set ablaze.


MalYaska Dhe29a

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