The Eye That Sleepeth Not

+Log of Sister Novitae Fides+ (To be improved)

After being released from inquisitorial detainment, I waited until other were release, they were not as pure, so detained for longer. Eventually, after they were determined to be loyal, they, along with myself, were bought to the captain Tobias, leader of the squads sent to detain us. Determining that we were to be used to finally locate either the body of Caspian or the box, we got some gear (enforcer light carapace, reloads for flamer and obsidian plate for me), and left in the (cramped) chimera. Upon reaching our destination, we exited and proceeded on foot. There was a plaque of some sort with high gothic written upon it, but I was unable to translate. A bit later, I saw something out the corner of my eye, and went on guard. We eventually reached some sort of pillar, and jamber insisted on destroying it. After rigging explosives to it, we heard firing, and tobias ran off to check on the others. Moments later, a foul deamon appeared in the same doorway. They were fast, and agile, with myself being the only one able to consistently hit them, but we took down one, and the other fled. They had some sort of ability, they seemed to affect Lazarus’ mind. We are still on the hunt for the daemonhost, and if this encounter is anything to go by, we are getting close.


MalYaska Fides

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