The Eye That Sleepeth Not

+Log of Sister Militant Fides+ (21st October)

Open Log
Date: 4-501.211.M41 {21st October}
Thought of the Day: Always Kill a Traitor Before an Enemy

Upon Jamber screaming, the priority was to ensure that he did not utter unspeakable horrors again. I took him to the side, away from virginial ears, and ordered him to tell me, and only me, of why he screamed. What he saw, and continued to see, was the foul touch of Nurgle, the false god of decay. The Priest was in fact a daemon, the followers mutated misshaped objects hardly fit to be considered human, and all around, a foul film of flesh, creeping up us.
As he finished choking out the truth, the bark of a mongrel was heard, and a mutt ran out of the shadows. Jamber quickly said that the beast was no dog but a massive spider-like monstrosity, just before he filled it with rounds from his autogun. Determined to re-establish control of the situation, I ordered Lazarus and Genevieve to scan the area to see if they could find anything of importance while I rallied the Arbites to prepare them for what is to come.
Once they were assured of the strength of their faith, Jamber and I, along with two Arbites, went to investigate where the sniper shot from. All that was found was a satchel, with a book and two vials. We did not have enough time to ascertain the contents of the book, but the contents of the vials were deduced to be Spook, a highly heretical substance from what the Tech-Priests were saying.
At that moment, we heard hundreds of feet marching in order. As we looked further down one of the tunnels, we saw a horde of hundreds of the followers of what we now knew to be the Chaos cult we came down to purge. As we fought them back, a man, who we guessed to be the sniper from earlier, fell from a window and yelled at us to follow him, or we would be overwhelmed by their numbers. As more hordes appeared from other tunnels at this moment, we elected to follow him. Apollo, the head of the Arbites with us, fired a missile at a building to slow them down as we withdrew, buying us time to reach the man, who proceeded to show us a passageway down, a hole that would offer us a chance to regroup and strike back.

The Emperor is with His Faithful, even in the darkest of places.

End Log

+Log of Sister Militant Fides+ (14th October)

Open Log
Date: 4-500.211.M41 {14th October}
Thought of the Day: The Reward of Sin is Death

The time had finally come. We were to descend past the Blight Gate, to bring the Emperor’s Wrath upon those who have abandoned his Light. While we waited for tour allies to finish their preparations, we were granted access to the Arbites armoury, wherein we stocked up on frag grenades and reloads for our weapons. Once everyone was prepared and ready, the Gate was opened, and we proceeded.
Past the gate was a maze of tunnels, forgotten by time and decent man. Despite knowing where our goal was, we had no way of navigating our way through the winding tunnels and passages. Thus, it was decided that the best approach was to split up, while maintaining micro-bead communication, to cover the most ground possible. After a short period, one group reported they had found a settlement. Reasoning that this collective may know how to navigate the tunnels, we made haste to meet with this group, however, by the time we arrived, they had disappeared.
Now needing both navigational aid and where our comrades had gone, we asked a local where their leader was. Informing us that the leader was a priest currently giving a sermon, we went to meet him. Proselytising to a group of roughly 80, we made our way through the crowd, as our mission took precedence above all else. Just as I was about to reach the podium, the priest’s head suddenly exploded, as he was shot by a sniper. The crowd blamed us for this death, and began to attack us. I managed to remind about half the crowd that, as we were representatives of the Golden Throne, to attack us would be heresy. Those who continued to attack, we righteously slaughtered, by bolt, flame and grenade. Once this insurgency was put down, Jamber suddenly began to scream, having apparently detected something horrific.

I failed to control Jamber before, I shall not fail again.

End Log

As the acolytes are at the Manufactorum, there is a broadcast from the Arbites putting the station on a hazard level 2 lockdown. Having left Jamber at the stationhouse they first need to find out what happend. Leaving through the main entrance the plaza they come to is rather deserted. The roof towards the First Hearth and the stationhouse is glowing from intense heat. Genevieve taps into the Arbites communication, the Arbites have several squads deployed in Exibition that are unable make contact with their dispatch. The Arbites are pursuing subjects throughout the First Hearth and the free trading zone. The acolytes take the elevator to the main entrance of the stationhouse, aproaching it there is a man in carapace controlling a heavy bolter who turns aggressive but he is easily killed. They go examine his body for signs of heresy.
Meanwhile Jamber regains consciousness and finds himself restained and drugged in a candle lit room with two priest praying. A man in red robes enters the room, shoots the priests and walks towards Jamber enjoying his situation. The man whispers to Jamber “We saw what you did and be certain that Ramos will die screaming like his predecessor”. He then walks out of the room and drags the body of a rating hurt by corrosive acid into the room and drops a vial with something on the floor. When the man leaves Jamber burns the bodies with psykic flames. Also burning off his restrains he is freed but still locked inside the room as he sends a muttered message to the others.
The others go inside the station where there are signs of heavy previous fighting and they go into a bunker to prepare to triagulate Jamber’ position through his comms. The bunker has been blown open and there are bodies in Arbites armor laying about. They appear to have been shot from the doorway with no chance to retaliate and then searched and disarmed. Triagulating shows Jamber is a bit below them. To get a map of the station they access a powered down cogitator but as it turns on, it starts an alarm warning that the psyker prison is being cleansed by fire. The acolytes hurry towards Jamber going through a triple bulkhead lock to get to the prison area. Inside they can see the light of roaring flames and the hot air is filled with black smoke. Fides and Genevieve are fine but as Lazarus feels as this harsh environment is starting to wear him down he decides to go back to the bulkheads and prepare them for when they leave. Genevieve opens the door to Jambers’ room and Fides drags out the crying Jamber.
As Lazarus is standing outside he hears the screeching of wheels and he sees a dozen Arbites dressed men approaching, who are pushing two carts with bodies. Seeing Lazarus four of them point their bolterpistol towards Lazarus and surround him while one spits out “Who guards the molten sun”. A clear code phrase but unknown to Lazarus, the Arbites get hostile. The others aproach and hear the Arbites treaten Larazus and when Fides tells them to stand down, one of them blurts out “The filth supplied by servants of Tzeentch will trouble us no longer and the resistance of the pure will falter and the glorious flesh shall envelop this station.” and fighting breaks out. Four of them are killed here, one of the carts’ wheels are shot and the other is set ablaze.

+Log of Sister Militant Fides+ (16th September)

Open Log
Date: 4-475.211.M41 {16th September}
Thought of the Day: Shine the light of the Emperor into the shadow of heresy

After Jamber informed me of the abject heresy that lies beneath our feet, we received contact from Lazarus and Genevieve from the Manufactorum. By the time we arrived, the Tech-Priests had managed to win their mechanical brethren over to us, as it had been that they were suspected of tech-heresy. Before we arrived, further heresy had been found, a grotesque parody of a servo-skull, powered with human flesh, matched with the servitors that were encountered earlier. Jamber, upon hearing this through the micro-bead, proceeded to see if he could sense the taint of the warp upon these items. He could.
At this point, we arrived at the manufactorum. Jamber decided that it was too hot for him and the ratings, and decided to instead go to the Arbites spire. As my power armour is environmentally protected, I had no such qualm. The Tech-Priests and I then met up, along with Magos Lortia, who, after some persuasion, was convinced into lending us the resources of the Mechanicus in the upcoming battle beneath. As Lortia was taking Lazarus and Genevieve off to see the maps that survive of the region below, I received a vox message from the Arbites. Jamber had done something at the Arbites, and was taken into custody.
Emperor help us.
End Log


Fides and Jamber have some time while the Tech-Adepts are in the forge. The ratings mentioned going to a brothel but that was refused immediately. Also the idea of just getting some recaf was rejected by Fides calling it heretical, even though she had it on Aventine. After an argument, Fides and Jamber go about trying to find rumours. Besides the dealings with the Combine there are rumours about stowaways arriving at the Combine and the Exibition, most of whom are tossed beneath the Blight gate into a quarentine zone for diseased. The zone has turned into a slum and while the Blight gate can’t be passed, people could get there through old pipes and shafts. There is also news about Lycus returning to his estate in the First Hearth and of guests arriving there for some kind of party. Also the Psyker smugglers seem to be inactive momentarily.
In the meanwhile Genevieve and Lazarus are in the Manufactorum, where they walk towards the cogitators. There are some tech-priests at the cogitaters but they are busy discussing and don’t seem to notice. Fairly easy Genevieve extracts two years of data from the Trademaster General’s scribe servitor, recently the Trademaster General has been writing about a trade contact with Kalto. The databanks seem to be in a mess, someone purged some data and now the registry is damaged. A clear tech-heresy Genevieve is disgusted and backs away.
Jamber picks up this fear which seems to be broadcasted throughout Exibition, though the origin is not Genevieve. Jamber feels it’s essence as something mechanical, lifeless, psykic and filled with death and decay. There are seven of these beings and they bear the tained of Nurgle. Having just come to this realization Jamber vomits and drops in his food. He then ushers Fides to a more private place and tells her what he sensed, at which point Fides gets aggresive and attacks Jamber for talking about heresy.
In the Manufactorum a magos is approaching Genevieve and Lazarus asking them what their business here is. She walks up and goes throught the cogitators to look at what they have been doing. She appears to has find the heresy herself and in her rage starts making accussations to Genevieve and Lazarus.

Jamber Bole's paranoid thoughts

After Fides laid our plans to Ramos and Severine we were give some for of officer quarters. The place was better than just sleeping in the Faustus, though if anyone asked me I would have spent the night there. After a couple of hours of rejuvenating sleep we were wakened by this chanting in High Gothic. At first I didn’t recognize it and mistook it for some Heretical Text but soon my head cleared up. Anyways after my mourning routine we were approached by an Administratum clerk. He delivered the video footage of the inspection of our Faustus. It appears that man navy cell was doing it. The one who entered the Faustus we have identified as Voidman Sarban. He is the one who most likely put the xeno tech device on our vessel.

We discussed this information and decided to join the current Administratum Investigation party that was preparing to fly to Exibition and demand copies of all legal trade done there. Two shuttles were prepared and we boarded one of them. Upon landing we discovered that the way was blocked due to maintenance. The navy person who was leading us said that this happened to him before. The place that held the archives was fortunately the Arbites Stationhouse on Exibition. There we met the head of the Arbites who happened to be a friend of the sargeant who did these trips.

Our two cogheads apparently discovered some discrepancies with some of files. Apparently the AdMech enclave here seem to steal/misplace most of the ore going into the Fauce Malmortius. The product they ship out is not matching the resources going in. Either some of it is kept without records or somehow misplaced. So we’ve decided to going to the AdMech place so my clockwork collegues can investigate their ‘friends’. I asked for four navymen to keep us company while we make our way there.

One of the guys even said Fides has an amazing ass in High Gothic. This gentlemen has a keen aye and a sharp mind. So he got the lead position in showing us the way. I already like this guy. He even let me in on some information about Sarban. Apparently that wretch always made sure to put all his comrades into trouble by being absent. After we are done with exibition I would like to use my new tools on this Sarban friend.

On the way there we spotted Charro but I decided not to veer off our course. Clearly the Emperor and his Holy Inquisition have a plan for him and on that matter for us.

Praised be the Golden Throne.

+Log of Sister Militant Fides+ {12th August}

Open Log
Date: 4-46l0.211.M41 {12th August}

Having returned to the Combine main base after successfully winning Trademaster-Regent Ramos to our side, we traveled to the contract repository, to make our next move. Once there, Ramos delved deeper into the true state of the Combine: heretics lurk everywhere to the point we are the only ones he trusts, the House of Roth is blackmailing him, the true Trademaster has been kidnapped, the faceless trade is active, there is smuggling on a massive level, and there is a hidden plot to arrange the destruction of the Combine by way of the Inquisition.
Following this revelation, I put forward that this plot could be the work of a cult, using the sacrifice of the Combine to power the ruinous powers. This appeared to shake Ramos out of him drug-addled stupor, and starts demanding that we ‘tell him who we are’. I try to calm him down, but this attempt only appeared to exacerbate his confusion. From this, I reminded him that, owing to the importance of our mission, if he fails to aid us, his soul shall share the guilt of the crimes of the heretics. At this point, Jamber attempted to calm him down as well, saying that we are the Emperor’s loyal servants. Ramos then questioned this.
The most restrained act I could do in response to this blasphemous accusation was to strike him in the solar plexus, winding him. Once he got back to his feet, I again appealed to his faith, getting a more positive response this time. He challenged us to hunt down a former captain of the Combine, Eskiel, as evidence of our loyalty to the Emperor.
However, we deemed it more important to secure the life of the Trademaster-Regent. Under the cover of needing to form a committee to address the findings of our cover story, determine what policy should be chosen to solve said findings and how said policy should be administrated. Of course, in truth the whole purpose of this is to tie the combine in as much bureaucracy as possible, to prevent any guilty parties from leaving and bring them to light.
Once we reached the Pride of Askellon in Ramos’ personal craft, the Nebuchadnezzar, we approached Severine with our plan. Naturally, we could not inform her of all the details, owing to the volitor implants, but we did get her to agree to our plan, and aid us in what ways she can. She may be trustworthy after all.
+ End Log+

32: The kidnapped Trademaster

The Faustus flies in geostationary orbit of the Combine supply base with inside the acolytes and the Trademaster Regent Ramos. Ramos is unconscious and the acolytes, who have essentially kidnapped him, are waiting for him to wake up. With a simple look however it appears that he is in shock so Genevieve makes a concoction to get he back up. Waking up Ramos is completely delirious, he sees Genevieve as the Emperor and Fides as an angel of redemption. In this state Fides persuades him to not commit suicide and tell her why he tried to do so. He tells us how the House of Roth has swayed captains into leaving the Combine and that someone has kidnapped the Trademaster General and threatens to destroy the Combine if they don’t sell illegal stuff. Ramos also give his opinion on who could be trustworthy and he is shocked when Jamber tells him about the attacking servitors. As we had back into the private hanger Jamber reaches out and senses some daemonic presence in the loadingbay that is being fed.
In the hanger after some more talking the acolytes deside to check some video records from the hanger. There is nothing on the recordings, noone approached the ship while the cameras are active. With all the things that are going on here the acolytes start to discuss on what would be the best course of action.

30: The Trademasters quarters

For hours the acolytes study the papers given by the Trademaster Regent Ramos while he gives explanations on the contracts. The larger paper contains ships under contract of the imperium that pass Aventine on their routes. He also mentions that Saint Cornelia is the only charter vessel through Aventine as it isn’t profitable. In the meanwhile Ramos has been drinking amasec heavily with a look of depression on him. In these documents there is also no ship that goes by the name Foehammer. In careful observations it seems that some shipments passing Aventine were delivered multiple times but there is too little information too determine whether of not it is intentional. After going through the papers for hours it’s time for some rest so Fides wakes up Ramos, who has fallen asleep, asks charmingly for some accommodations. Ramos being drunk offers the Trademasters residence.
The acolytes acquaint themselves with the quarters and decide to rest before deciding their next course of action. The Tech-Adepts go the servants quarters, Jamber takes a look in the library and Fides goes for a bath. While Fides is in the bath the two of the “butler” servitors enter the bathroom and start attacking her. She shoots and destroys one as they clumsily crash into each other. She takes a bathrobe and runs to the arboretum where the others meet her.
The others hear what happend and go to investigate the servitors. The door to the bedroom is blocked by the other servitor which has powered down but Jamber pushes it open. Genevieve accesses the servitors databanks and finds a hidden command to if someone is alone in the bedroom to subdue them and transport them to some coordinates. Jamber senses a psykic power flowing through the quarters for mind probing people.

+Log of Sister Militant Fides+

Open Log
Replace Sister Novitae with Sister Militant
Date: 4-450.211.M41 {1st July}
+Thought of the Day: +Heresy lurks in every heart; no-one is above suspicion +

After our long voyage, the Emperor’s light has guided us to our destination. However, it swiftly becomes apparent that the light of the Emperor does not shine as brightly here as it rightly should. The corporal who greeted us at the main port, the Pride of Askellon, appeared as a drunkard, utterly disgracing his position. The men under his command were no better, lounging about bringing shame to the Imperium. I had to resort to intimidation to get him to escort us to the Militant-Governor, whom we were informed was expecting us.
After a short walk, we arrived at a massive double door, presumably the office of the Governor. The Corporal’s Captain was also there, and was substantially better than the Corporal, lambasting him and his men for their lax attitude. The Captain then guided us through the door, where we were forced to disarm (Note: though the stringent attitude should be welcomed, disarming a Sister of Battle cannot be looked upon favourably).
Finally, we met with the Governor, one Severine Canterella. Surrounded as she is by frivolous luxuries, I recommend she be watched for the time being. Though, it must be pointed out that an off-hand comment (from Jamber, of course) revealed that she truly had no idea of the affairs at Aventine, which may support claims of her ignorance over heresies committed in her guard.
To her credit, Canterella did aid us with our investigation, granting us access to the records we needed to examine, but in doing so, she let slip that the Navy has very little power at Aquila.
After our meeting, we travel to the Administratum records. Here too, the imperial servants are lazy, requiring coercion to aid us. The three ships that were highlighted, Foehammer, Saint Cornelia and Diligence, have not been present at Aquila recently, with Foehammer having no records of ever being present. Keeping the manifestoes of these ships, we concluded that the heretics are utterly off the record.
Returning to our vessel, we discovered that our ship had been ransacked. No goods had been stolen, but it was clear someone had been in here. We had no time to investigate this, having to travel to the Combine, evidently the current power of the Port. A serf greets us, and we managed to force him to take us to the Trademaster, the man in charge of the Combine. On our journey, we gather that the current Trademaster is but a regent, the true Trademaster is not present.
As we arrive at his office, we catch the end of a meeting. Lazuras managed to identify one of the participants as Gabriel Roth, of the House of Roth. Finally, we met the Trademaster-Regent, Ramos. After first impressions are made, he gave us the files of the contracts of Saint Cornelia, which we proceeded to investigate. Final note, as we examined the files, he was covered in a cold sweat.
+ End Log+


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