The Eye That Sleepeth Not


Genevieve and Lazarus arrive separately in a large forge. The ground is littered with corpses of techpriests and servitors. Some servitors are moving towards the elevated part of the forge where plasma fire is visible. Genevieve links herself to the mind of a fallen techpriest and sees techpriests killing each other before being attacked by something in the fallen techpriests memory. And as she tries to access the local vox there is only a mind numbing static. Lazarus contacts Fides to have her scan for signals that might influence the servitors, but she is too occupied with pointless affairs. Jamber must have used his power in front of her and now the two are at each others throat while the whole mechanicus maybe massacred. Fortunately Jambers sanctioning papers keep Fides from killing him on the spot. Jamber takes the interrogated person and everyone goes towards the forge.
Lazarus notices a slender figure sneaking up to him and prepares to fight. In a instant three figures come forth and one hits Lazarus with something. Completely outnumbered, Lazarus sprints towards the others. The figures run past him and jump towards the elevated part but one falls, they seem to ignore Lazarus who feels a burning feeling from some kind of poison. Everyone makes their way towards the ongoing plasma fire, servitors seem to be attacking a formation of Skitarii, the slender figures go strait for it. Jamber warns that it isn’t certain whether or not they are also enemies. Regardless of whether or not they are, should they die the servitors will most likely come for us next, so it is in our interest to make sure they don’t, for now. So Lazarus shouts to warn the Skitarii formation about the approaching figures. As the Skitarii shoot the figures it seems like they have a Displacer Field. The figures make it into the formation and the Arch magos Carrums voice is heard from within, before explosions rip some of the Skitarii apart. The third figure has made it back up, Jamber uses his power to shoot a grenade at it but to no avail. It gets shot by Carrum but runs toward him and explodes.

13: +Log of Sister Novitae Fides+

Date: 4-231.211.M41
Thought of the Day: To spare the witch, the mutant, the heretic is to be as damned as they

Upon our return to the Adeptus Mechanicus Spire, we proceeded to begin the process of sorting through the spoils of our battle in the hab-block. After some discussion, it was decided that the tech-priests, Genevieve and Lazarus, would hasten to perform autopsies upon the corpses we collected, while Ephrael, Jamber and myself would secure the Emperor-damned prisoners who dared fight the servants of The Emperor’s Most Holy Inquisition.
Preliminary results from the autopsy revealed the attackers were indeed mere scum. The examined body showed clear signs of malnutrition and skeletal degradation. Interestingly, there was also a fine powder within the body, that under close scrutiny was revealed as radioactive. However, in a rare moment of good news, there was at least no overt sign of the foul embrace of chaos. This information should aid us greatly in our search for this filth’s companions, and more importantly their superiors, as there cannot be many areas in this hive that are routinely subjugated to radiation.
As this was being uncovered, we (Fides, Ephrael, Jamber) managed to secure the prisoners within a few of the serf’s quarters. These were secure enough to prevent easy escape, while being cramped enough to facilitate discomfort. It was decided that we would wait to interrogate these wretches until the tech-priests returned, as they had the greatest skill in the art of extracting the truth from those festering with lies. In the interim that presented itself, I took the opportunity to assess the weapons retrieved from the fight. What follows is an inventory:
One (1) Heavy Stubber with Belt Feed
Four Hundred (400) rounds of Ammunition for Heavy Stubber
One (1) Autogun
Four (4) Autopistols
Two (2) Knifes

However, before I could take full inventory of the number of rounds of ammunition, I received notice that the interrogation was about to commence. Once all items were secured away, to prevent tampering and theft, I proceeded to reunite with the other acolytes.

The reprobate was a standard example of the villainy of this world: an utter coward in the face of his just punishment. Weeping before interrogation even began, the vermin proceeded to spill every piece of information we demanded, the only difficulty was to keep up with his vain hope of achieving a modicum of redemption in the eyes of the Emperor.

He revealed that his ‘sarge’ ordered the attack upon the inquisitorial cell. This not only suggests a larger organisation behind the attack, but also the disturbing possibility of treason within the armies of this world.
Cementing this fear, the traitor also revealed that this ‘sarge’ was seen with individuals that appeared affiliated with the Mechanicus. This highlights the further possibility that heresy exists not only within the armies of this world, but also within the Mechanicus as well. The problem that this raises cannot be understated.

At this point, the slime must have regretted his admittance of crimes, both his and his rat-comrades, as he made a pitiful attempt to take his own life. Fortunately, Jamber was both quick and strong enough to tear the blade from his soiled hands, removing the last refuge for the scoundrel. Weeping openly at his own miserable failure, all he uttered was that “you are all going to die”. While doubtless a lie he told himself to alleviate the unspeakable guilt he bears for his treason, at this moment the alarms indicating an attack sounded. Jamber and I were the first to react, exiting to the corridor, as we heard a nearby threat. Upon our exit, we saw a combat servitor literally tear its way into a nearby room, where one of the other prisoners was stored, and fired several shots with a las weapon into the room.
Drawing my Autogun, I released a semi-auto burst of fire, scoring a hit on its right leg. This drew the machine’s ire, releasing a shot towards me. Fortunately, I dodged out of the way in time. Jamber took this opportunity to fire upon the automaton with his autopistol. Unfortunately, the protection of the servitor was great enough to not appear to take any sizable damage from this attack.

It was at this point that the deceit within the cell was revealed.
Under evident unholy influence, the servitor was launched back, slamming into the wall. Hastening to find a source of this blasphemy, the only possible source was Jamber. No other being was within visual range of the servitor aside from myself and Ephrael, and the notion of a Sororitas being so tainted is laughable.

At this point, Ephrael took advantage of the downed servitor and charged it with her power sword. Returning our focus to the fight, the servitor was quickly cut down. However, now Jamber must be tested for witchcraft, and face his punishment if guilty.

End Log

Jamber 4-230.211.M41

After meeting up with the rest of the cell Jamber tried to talk with Ephrael about the menacing psychic power he felt from a couple of levels below. Warning her that he has never experienced such a strong emanation from a psyker. While musing on what their next move should be Jamber remembered about the broken vox caster he found in one of the Black Hands trailing him to hangar 47. He offered to help one of the techpriests to fix it and monitor the frequencies the vox was last used on. After that they flew the Ikarus to Hashtos Spire where the rest of the group had some living quarters for themselves. They went there to see if Phil, a servant of inquisitor Gladius Tenebris, had left behind any valuable belongings. It appeared to be that the rest of the group wasn’t quite as stealthy as they though they were. Some hired hands had seen them going in and out of their quarters.
When techpriests Exitus pulled the lever and opened the door to their apartment a volley of heavy stubber munition almost killed her. The bullets landed dead in her body. Only a miracle bestowed upon her by The Emperor, blessed may he be upon his golden throne, saved her life. A firefight began, the stubber denying entrance to anyone sane. Fides an ex or would be sororita literally opened fire into the room with her hand flamer pistol. It lit 3 of the 4 hostiles including the 2 manning the stubber. Meanwhile from down the corridor some more enemies were making their way trying to make us retreat trough the stubber fire. Ephrael and Fides managed to deal with them with ease.After the firefight was over we took 3 men for interrogation and later execution, meanwhile one of the techpriests had voxed Meritius and found out that the Ikarus was had been in a fight with the rest of the would be attackers. Meritius had opened fire after he was probably shot at. He decimated more than 20 people and 2 cargo haulers they were riding in. After we made it to the plaza we found ourselves in a scene of carnage. The bodies of the people who looked to assault us were obliterated with the help of the Ikarus’ autocannon. Upon exploring the corpses we found a likely member of some noble family’s guards. This is when the sororitas Fidas decided we need to transport 10 of freshly dead remains into the Ikarus for the mechanicus to use for “research”. I find that idea deeply disgusting and borderline insane, and this coming from a noble sororita. Why would the Adeptus Mechanicus care about some dead fleshbags as they like to call us. On top of it all the carried remains of the corpses which we piled on in the back of the Ikarus unsettled Charro even more. I guess we will have to find a way to drop him safe and sound somewhere I can be sure he won’t get into any trouble.

An interesting note: Fides hates psykers. When the firefight at the apartment was halfway through I used my telekinetic powers to launch a grenade with increddibly fast speed into the room. Disguising my motion as a throw I used my mind to propel the improvised grenade. I wonder if I can use my telekinetic powers in my chemical research and work. Maybe making telekinetically isolated bubbles of gas and forcing it into durable containers if i don’t have the proper tools to do that. Dissembling and and reconstructing broken devices without even touching them. I would need more practice with these forsaken powers. In the end I should embrace this gift The Emperor, praised he be, bestowed upon me. Those sisters know nothing of the true divine light and will probably never see the Astronomicon, the shining beacon of hope lighting up the warp.

GM Edit: Dispencery -> Dax -> Psyker talk
10: Munitions and Cover Up
GM Edit: The Depths Jamber SOLO
8: absba
GM Tunnels Respite, Acceptus SPire, PISTOLS, Jamber joins
6: 2 Sorortitas

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