The Eye That Sleepeth Not


After the briefing, the Seneschal escorts to a hanger. Inside the spacious hanger is a Faustus interceptor, a gift from Carrum. There is about three hours before our transport arrives during which Genevieve and Jamber inspect the Faustus while Lazarus goes to gather additional infomation. The Seneschal leads Fidus to the sororitas’ celestian superior to which she was summoned. The celestian superior speaks with Fides about her not following the proper rites to become a sister of battle and warns Fides not to blindly trust Tenebris. She also mentions an incident that happend on Selebos IV related to the defiled sororitas powerarmour that we saw on Aventine.
When its time leave all return to the Faustus where we are joined by a Skitarii who heads towards the cockpit. We fly out and manoeuver toward two light cruisers and dock in one of them. When we’ve docked, someone contacts us from outside through the vox and makes a link to the owner of the ships. The owner Heinrich D’Amitiri greets us and invites us to a dinner in four hours.
When its time we are escorted through the ship. The hallway leading up to the dining room is richly decorated with all sorts of things but most of it looks old and poorly maintained. In the dining room there are five people sitting at a large table an elderly man, a young man, a boy and two women. Someone walks up to us and ask us how we would like to be announced but he is quickly dismissed by the elderly man who is Heinrich D’Amitiri. During dinner Heinrich talks with Fides and Jamber, he talks about his family and his ships. He is from the D’Amitiri rogue trader family but he is far from the head family so he’ll never inherent the title. His crew are the worst men send from other of the family’s ships and he has been very unlucky throughout his life. When dinner is over most withdrawal to their quarters but Jamber stays and drinks with Heinrich. Heinrich starts accusing Jamber, saying how he doesn’t believe Jamber is from the Munitorum and how having us on his ship is bad luck.
After six weeks we arrive at port Aquilla where we are asked to leave the ship.


After cleaning up the last orks the acolytes return to the bridge, it is full of Tech-Priests and servitors. From the communications in can be gathered that preparations on the bomb are near completion. The imperial cruisers are also manouvering to face a seemingly unoccupied region of space on the other side of the battlefield. The bomb is teleported to the eldar ship and the cruisers start to shoot destroying ships that were hiding on the outskirts of the battle. A white battleship enters the battlefield and starts to obliterate the ork fleet, the battle doesn’t last long after that. After the battle the acolytes take a lander to the battleship.
In the battleships landingbay there is a lot of activity with goods being loaded and unloaded, Jamber is with us again knocked out in a wheelchair. After some time a man with a squad of soldiers walks up to the acolytes. He is a Seneschal and bids us to surrender our weapons and follow him. Fides refuses to hand over her arms and an argument pursues, we are allowed our weapons but with the obvious restrictions. Jamber gets awoken and we follow the Seneschal through the long corridors. We get to some highly decorated double doors were are to wait outside as the man enters before us. Some of us hear how people inside are talking about if the cards could be used by enemies. After a while we are called inside.
In the room there are some people waiting, on the far wall there are five elevated chairs. On the right is Carrum, next to him is a decent looking man from whos voice its clear its Inquisitor Tenebris. In the middle sits an elderly woman, to her left is a man in golden power armour and next to him a cloaked man. There is also large man in black power armour standing on the side. The questioning starts with Tenebris concerning the Eldar, he comes down and has Jamber use the Tarot cards to locate an Eldar webway. The man in golden armour questions the reliability of Tenebris’ information. Fides interrupts him gives an elaberate report on what happend on Aventine. Not yet content the man in golden power armour decends and probes Jambers mind on the daemons that interacted with him. After that the interigations continue on an individual basis.
After the main interigations we leave with Inquisitor Tenebris and the Seneschal. We are let to a room were, due to Jambers inability to keep things secret, we are going to be implanted with volitor implants.

+Log of Sister Novitae Fides+ {3rd June}

Open Log
Date: 4-450.211.M41 {3rd June}
Thought of the Day: +The Xeno is an abomination in the eyes of The Emperor, destroy them wherever they be

Following the invasion of the bridge by the repulsive xenos, we proceeded to regroup and assess casualties. Fortunately, no-one of importance was injured. Jamber was still alive in no small part by the immediate and excellently performed medicae of the Tech Priest Genevieve. Once the detritus was sorted, the wider assessment of the situation was possible. The hidden ship was revealed to be of xenos origin, of a race named the “Eldar”. Once this message was relayed to the other nearby imperial ships, we decided to exterminate the ‘Green-skins’ {The term used to describe the xenos boarders} that infested the ship.

By the time we reached our destination, the xenos horde had moved into the shield generator room. If they were successful, it would mean that the vessel would be undefended from the other alien ships. By the Emperor’s providence, however, our foes appeared to be distracted combatting an ally of ours, as we could hear the familiar sound of heavy stubbers firing.
After a minute of firing, including an Emperor-guided round of mine that succeeded in killing three of the despicable beasts at once, their numbers had thinned to the point we could get line of sight to the largest of the creatures, a bestial thing strapped with primitive technology. The help we had earlier seemed to have almost killed it, to the point that a single aimed shot from my new sniper rifle killed it. After seeing the largest of their kind fall, the others scattered, whereupon we hunted them down and slaughtered them like the animals they are.

End Log

22: The Box

With the daemons gone Jamber begins disarming the explosives. Fides goes to check up on Lazarus. He asks her to scan the odd spot on the ceiling, which he had glanced over during the fight, with the auspex but they get nothing. Tobias returns alone, the two soldiers he ran after had died. He asks Jamber to check the bodies, stacked inside the pillars, for signs on which type of daemons ritual they are part of. Jamber looks and sees signs of Khorne but triggers some trap and freaks out as a warpspawn appears. A large fiery daemon with a broadsword is standing in the room. Jamber and two of the remaining soldiers run out of the room, Lazarus’ will also gives in. Fides is unfazed and shoots the daemon in its arm forcing it to drop the sword. It charges but without its sword it is quickly overwhelmed
and driven back into the warp.
The sword is left behind and Fides guards to prevent anyone from falling under its influence while Tobias calls in help to safely extract it. While waiting for the help Tobias starts to draw wards around the pillars to supress their warp powers and orders Jamber to reinvestigate the ceiling. Some meters inside the concrete there is a box shaped object with scan shielding, Jamber uses his powers to pull it through the ceiling. The box is covered in intestines from which emanates the essence of the daemonhost. Four psykers arrive with some servitors carrying a large object. They bring in this reliquary and have one of the servitors put the sword inside to be sealed. The servitor is destroyed for good measure. Everyone leaves the room and they return to the headquarters, on the way in the loadingbay they see a guard regiment who will quarantine the nexus. In the headquarters there are refreshments and after some time preparations to open the box are done. Tobias seems anxious as the four psyker lift the lit with their powers. Inside the box are cards, tarot cards, presumingly with some kind of power.
Tobias expected to find them, how could something known and wanted by the inquisition fall into the hands of a local nobleman.

+Log of Sister Novitae Fides+ (To be improved)

After being released from inquisitorial detainment, I waited until other were release, they were not as pure, so detained for longer. Eventually, after they were determined to be loyal, they, along with myself, were bought to the captain Tobias, leader of the squads sent to detain us. Determining that we were to be used to finally locate either the body of Caspian or the box, we got some gear (enforcer light carapace, reloads for flamer and obsidian plate for me), and left in the (cramped) chimera. Upon reaching our destination, we exited and proceeded on foot. There was a plaque of some sort with high gothic written upon it, but I was unable to translate. A bit later, I saw something out the corner of my eye, and went on guard. We eventually reached some sort of pillar, and jamber insisted on destroying it. After rigging explosives to it, we heard firing, and tobias ran off to check on the others. Moments later, a foul deamon appeared in the same doorway. They were fast, and agile, with myself being the only one able to consistently hit them, but we took down one, and the other fled. They had some sort of ability, they seemed to affect Lazarus’ mind. We are still on the hunt for the daemonhost, and if this encounter is anything to go by, we are getting close.


The light that blinded everyone has passed and things seem to have fallen silent again, the acolytes gather their thoughts. The slender humanoids that were fighting the psykic entity were Eldar. These xenos are always poping up out of nowhere to follow their unfathomable agendas. The acolytes use the Ikarus’ auspex and see that there is a hole going through the whole spire. The eldar and the psykic entity are gone apart from a body lying on floor which seems to have been one of the eldar. An eldar corpse, even damaged, can be valuable to the right people so the acolytes deside to take it with them. The Ikarus has also been been severely damaged by whatever shot through the spire so it would be good to have it repaired. They go outside to check on the body. Lazarus goes to the databanks to see if there are any clues of what has happened, but the whole room is a mess of molten equipment.
Taking the body within the ikarus they go up the assembly hall. Jamber goes in a mad rage, yet again, so he is bound. In the forge they see the tied up prisoner, still in his chair, trying to escape they take him along. Genevieve goes to collect the remains of the alpha skitarii and the slender assasins. Taken everything up the acolytes return to Archmagos Carrum to return the skitarii he send with them and to offer some of the remains that they just gathered. Carrum is about to leave and gives them some equipment in return for the remains. Because the spire needs to be quarantined the Ikarus must remain behind so the acolytes gather up all their belongings inside the spire and leave. The entrance turrets are activated but with the haywire grenades provided by Carrum the acolytes can leave the spire safely.


Open Log
Date: 4-275.211.M41 {4th Mar}
Thought of the Day: +To tamper with heretical forces is to incite damnation

That damnable fool Charro! Thanks to that imbecile, I was shot, by an Autocannon no less! By the Emperor’s grace, the wound was not as lethal as it could have been, and I managed to patch myself up. Charro deserved the broken nose I dealt him in turn. Once the worm stopped weeping, we attempted to contact the others, but the signal was being jammed over the longer distance. After several minutes of trying, we finally got through, discovering that they had managed to create a polymer of some kind that will be able to disable the back-up generator, allowing us to limit the spread of the scrap-code.

Using the Ikarus, we decided to meet up with the others on the way down to the generator. On our way, there was a strange noise. It sounded almost like… crying.

We managed to make it to the generator without incident. Upon arrival, we came under fire from three automatic Heavy Stubber turrets, but with the autocannon, it was child’s play to destroy them. Without being under fire, it was simple to apply the polymer. Now, in order to fully limit the spread of the scrap code from getting to the rest of the city, we needed to cut off the external power. Without the proper tools, the tech-priests decided the best course of action was a pair of controlled explosions, destroying the power lines and isolating the Mechanicus spire from the rest of the hive.

The explosion was successful, disabling the spire’s power while not entirely collapsing the section of the hive. However, this moment of success was ended quickly, as the witch (Jamber) detected a fast moving aircraft heading straight into the Mechanicus Spire. The reason why he could detect this craft, however, was due to all aboard it being psychically active. Recognising the new threat, we took chase after it, yet were unable to catch it, as it was travelling faster than the Ikarus was capable of moving. Then, to compound our problems, the nonagon beneath shattered.

The resulting psychic backlash knocked all but myself and Jamber unconscious. This included Meritius, who happened to be the one piloting the Ikarus. As Jamber and I struggled to regain control before we crashed into something, we continued on our trajectory towards the other craft. By the time we had managed to stop, we had reached their destination. Out of the other craft came humanoid figures too tall and unerringly lithe to be human, gliding towards another figure beneath. As I turned to aid the others, Jamber looked outside as their battle began, and proceeded to go mad(der). Others, Meritius and Charro, followed in the fools’ footsteps, and looked out, the sight also stripping them of some sanity. As one of the fighters was blasted to ash on the cockpit window, there came a massive blast from outside the Spire. It tore through the walls, hitting everything in sight and surrounding the Ikarus in a pale blue light. The others were blinded by this, only I still had my sight. I finally looked outside myself, to see the other group was wiped out, and whatever they had been combatting was gone, presumably also dead. All that was there aside from the Ikarus was a vast hole bored through the Spire, a sign of whatever weapon had fired upon it.

End Log

Jamber POV

Things have happened. I don’t have time to explain in details. We went to the Adeptus Mechanicus spire with our hostages. A mechanicus civil war broke out due to a scrap code probably released by agents of chaos. Assassins tried to kill the Lord Magos Carrum. He is the only left survivor except us in the whole AdMech spire. After helping him get to his personal chambers i decided to catch a few hours of sleep after the horrors in the lower spire… I was so wrong. I dreamt of being hunted by a chaos renegade sister of battle… She was like nothing i’ve ever encountered. Chased me through the whole of the acceptus spire. In the dream she was relentless with her green evil eyes. I tried to hurt myself in order to wake up but something unnatural stopped me… Then I ran even more desperately. I screamed like a madman until Fides kicked me silent… I’ve never been so grateful for being kicked wide awake… The longing to slit my own throat in order to save my soul… I’ve never thought I would try to kill myself even in my sleep. While I was sleeping the techpriests made significant progress with restoring carrum to a degree of autonomy.

I sensed that the source of the nighmare was coming from the lower levels of the AdMech spire. I sensed an impenetrable wall of psychic force in the shape of a nonagon. I decided to not disturb it. Apparently the databanks of the AdMech with all their secrets lie there.

The scrapcode released is dormant for now but we have to isolate the admech spire as soon as possible and as I am writing the others are going over the plan which points we should sabotage in order to save the rest of the hive. If the scrapcode manages to get out of the AdMech systems millions will die. Ephrael has went off to warn the Inquisitor. 99% of the AdMech is dead.

We’ve come up with a plan. We need to shut off the power generators. I’ve worked with the gas in the energy system before. I know a way to halt the system and clog the pipes. It will need a lot of time and work to restart it but i think it is the only safe way of doing so. We need to cut the power from the databanks in the lower hive before the enemies of the Imperium are done with their heretical operation. We need to alert the Arbites and the Ecclesiarchy. We need Imperial Guardsmen. The whole hive must be put on lockdown. If it comes to this we have to physically destroy the link between the AdMech Spire and the rest of the hive.

Although the plan is ready I can’t go out alone. The white horrors… They still lurk in my peripheral vision. I swear in the Emperor’s undying spirit I can hear them behind the corners.


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