The Eye That Sleepeth Not

+Log of Sister Militant Fides+ (21st October)

Open Log
Date: 4-501.211.M41 {21st October}
Thought of the Day: Always Kill a Traitor Before an Enemy

Upon Jamber screaming, the priority was to ensure that he did not utter unspeakable horrors again. I took him to the side, away from virginial ears, and ordered him to tell me, and only me, of why he screamed. What he saw, and continued to see, was the foul touch of Nurgle, the false god of decay. The Priest was in fact a daemon, the followers mutated misshaped objects hardly fit to be considered human, and all around, a foul film of flesh, creeping up us.
As he finished choking out the truth, the bark of a mongrel was heard, and a mutt ran out of the shadows. Jamber quickly said that the beast was no dog but a massive spider-like monstrosity, just before he filled it with rounds from his autogun. Determined to re-establish control of the situation, I ordered Lazarus and Genevieve to scan the area to see if they could find anything of importance while I rallied the Arbites to prepare them for what is to come.
Once they were assured of the strength of their faith, Jamber and I, along with two Arbites, went to investigate where the sniper shot from. All that was found was a satchel, with a book and two vials. We did not have enough time to ascertain the contents of the book, but the contents of the vials were deduced to be Spook, a highly heretical substance from what the Tech-Priests were saying.
At that moment, we heard hundreds of feet marching in order. As we looked further down one of the tunnels, we saw a horde of hundreds of the followers of what we now knew to be the Chaos cult we came down to purge. As we fought them back, a man, who we guessed to be the sniper from earlier, fell from a window and yelled at us to follow him, or we would be overwhelmed by their numbers. As more hordes appeared from other tunnels at this moment, we elected to follow him. Apollo, the head of the Arbites with us, fired a missile at a building to slow them down as we withdrew, buying us time to reach the man, who proceeded to show us a passageway down, a hole that would offer us a chance to regroup and strike back.

The Emperor is with His Faithful, even in the darkest of places.

End Log


MalYaska Fides

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