The Eye That Sleepeth Not

+Log of Sister Militant Fides+ (16th September)

Open Log
Date: 4-475.211.M41 {16th September}
Thought of the Day: Shine the light of the Emperor into the shadow of heresy

After Jamber informed me of the abject heresy that lies beneath our feet, we received contact from Lazarus and Genevieve from the Manufactorum. By the time we arrived, the Tech-Priests had managed to win their mechanical brethren over to us, as it had been that they were suspected of tech-heresy. Before we arrived, further heresy had been found, a grotesque parody of a servo-skull, powered with human flesh, matched with the servitors that were encountered earlier. Jamber, upon hearing this through the micro-bead, proceeded to see if he could sense the taint of the warp upon these items. He could.
At this point, we arrived at the manufactorum. Jamber decided that it was too hot for him and the ratings, and decided to instead go to the Arbites spire. As my power armour is environmentally protected, I had no such qualm. The Tech-Priests and I then met up, along with Magos Lortia, who, after some persuasion, was convinced into lending us the resources of the Mechanicus in the upcoming battle beneath. As Lortia was taking Lazarus and Genevieve off to see the maps that survive of the region below, I received a vox message from the Arbites. Jamber had done something at the Arbites, and was taken into custody.
Emperor help us.
End Log


MalYaska Fides

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