The Eye That Sleepeth Not

+Log of Sister Militant Fides+ (14th October)

Open Log
Date: 4-500.211.M41 {14th October}
Thought of the Day: The Reward of Sin is Death

The time had finally come. We were to descend past the Blight Gate, to bring the Emperor’s Wrath upon those who have abandoned his Light. While we waited for tour allies to finish their preparations, we were granted access to the Arbites armoury, wherein we stocked up on frag grenades and reloads for our weapons. Once everyone was prepared and ready, the Gate was opened, and we proceeded.
Past the gate was a maze of tunnels, forgotten by time and decent man. Despite knowing where our goal was, we had no way of navigating our way through the winding tunnels and passages. Thus, it was decided that the best approach was to split up, while maintaining micro-bead communication, to cover the most ground possible. After a short period, one group reported they had found a settlement. Reasoning that this collective may know how to navigate the tunnels, we made haste to meet with this group, however, by the time we arrived, they had disappeared.
Now needing both navigational aid and where our comrades had gone, we asked a local where their leader was. Informing us that the leader was a priest currently giving a sermon, we went to meet him. Proselytising to a group of roughly 80, we made our way through the crowd, as our mission took precedence above all else. Just as I was about to reach the podium, the priest’s head suddenly exploded, as he was shot by a sniper. The crowd blamed us for this death, and began to attack us. I managed to remind about half the crowd that, as we were representatives of the Golden Throne, to attack us would be heresy. Those who continued to attack, we righteously slaughtered, by bolt, flame and grenade. Once this insurgency was put down, Jamber suddenly began to scream, having apparently detected something horrific.

I failed to control Jamber before, I shall not fail again.

End Log


MalYaska Fides

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