The Eye That Sleepeth Not

32: The kidnapped Trademaster

The Faustus flies in geostationary orbit of the Combine supply base with inside the acolytes and the Trademaster Regent Ramos. Ramos is unconscious and the acolytes, who have essentially kidnapped him, are waiting for him to wake up. With a simple look however it appears that he is in shock so Genevieve makes a concoction to get he back up. Waking up Ramos is completely delirious, he sees Genevieve as the Emperor and Fides as an angel of redemption. In this state Fides persuades him to not commit suicide and tell her why he tried to do so. He tells us how the House of Roth has swayed captains into leaving the Combine and that someone has kidnapped the Trademaster General and threatens to destroy the Combine if they don’t sell illegal stuff. Ramos also give his opinion on who could be trustworthy and he is shocked when Jamber tells him about the attacking servitors. As we had back into the private hanger Jamber reaches out and senses some daemonic presence in the loadingbay that is being fed.
In the hanger after some more talking the acolytes deside to check some video records from the hanger. There is nothing on the recordings, noone approached the ship while the cameras are active. With all the things that are going on here the acolytes start to discuss on what would be the best course of action.


MalYaska Dhe29a

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