The Eye That Sleepeth Not

30: The Trademasters quarters

For hours the acolytes study the papers given by the Trademaster Regent Ramos while he gives explanations on the contracts. The larger paper contains ships under contract of the imperium that pass Aventine on their routes. He also mentions that Saint Cornelia is the only charter vessel through Aventine as it isn’t profitable. In the meanwhile Ramos has been drinking amasec heavily with a look of depression on him. In these documents there is also no ship that goes by the name Foehammer. In careful observations it seems that some shipments passing Aventine were delivered multiple times but there is too little information too determine whether of not it is intentional. After going through the papers for hours it’s time for some rest so Fides wakes up Ramos, who has fallen asleep, asks charmingly for some accommodations. Ramos being drunk offers the Trademasters residence.
The acolytes acquaint themselves with the quarters and decide to rest before deciding their next course of action. The Tech-Adepts go the servants quarters, Jamber takes a look in the library and Fides goes for a bath. While Fides is in the bath the two of the “butler” servitors enter the bathroom and start attacking her. She shoots and destroys one as they clumsily crash into each other. She takes a bathrobe and runs to the arboretum where the others meet her.
The others hear what happend and go to investigate the servitors. The door to the bedroom is blocked by the other servitor which has powered down but Jamber pushes it open. Genevieve accesses the servitors databanks and finds a hidden command to if someone is alone in the bedroom to subdue them and transport them to some coordinates. Jamber senses a psykic power flowing through the quarters for mind probing people.


MalYaska Dhe29a

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