The Eye That Sleepeth Not


After cleaning up the last orks the acolytes return to the bridge, it is full of Tech-Priests and servitors. From the communications in can be gathered that preparations on the bomb are near completion. The imperial cruisers are also manouvering to face a seemingly unoccupied region of space on the other side of the battlefield. The bomb is teleported to the eldar ship and the cruisers start to shoot destroying ships that were hiding on the outskirts of the battle. A white battleship enters the battlefield and starts to obliterate the ork fleet, the battle doesn’t last long after that. After the battle the acolytes take a lander to the battleship.
In the battleships landingbay there is a lot of activity with goods being loaded and unloaded, Jamber is with us again knocked out in a wheelchair. After some time a man with a squad of soldiers walks up to the acolytes. He is a Seneschal and bids us to surrender our weapons and follow him. Fides refuses to hand over her arms and an argument pursues, we are allowed our weapons but with the obvious restrictions. Jamber gets awoken and we follow the Seneschal through the long corridors. We get to some highly decorated double doors were are to wait outside as the man enters before us. Some of us hear how people inside are talking about if the cards could be used by enemies. After a while we are called inside.
In the room there are some people waiting, on the far wall there are five elevated chairs. On the right is Carrum, next to him is a decent looking man from whos voice its clear its Inquisitor Tenebris. In the middle sits an elderly woman, to her left is a man in golden power armour and next to him a cloaked man. There is also large man in black power armour standing on the side. The questioning starts with Tenebris concerning the Eldar, he comes down and has Jamber use the Tarot cards to locate an Eldar webway. The man in golden armour questions the reliability of Tenebris’ information. Fides interrupts him gives an elaberate report on what happend on Aventine. Not yet content the man in golden power armour decends and probes Jambers mind on the daemons that interacted with him. After that the interigations continue on an individual basis.
After the main interigations we leave with Inquisitor Tenebris and the Seneschal. We are let to a room were, due to Jambers inability to keep things secret, we are going to be implanted with volitor implants.


MalYaska Dhe29a

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