The Eye That Sleepeth Not


Jamber POV

Things have happened. I don’t have time to explain in details. We went to the Adeptus Mechanicus spire with our hostages. A mechanicus civil war broke out due to a scrap code probably released by agents of chaos. Assassins tried to kill the Lord Magos Carrum. He is the only left survivor except us in the whole AdMech spire. After helping him get to his personal chambers i decided to catch a few hours of sleep after the horrors in the lower spire… I was so wrong. I dreamt of being hunted by a chaos renegade sister of battle… She was like nothing i’ve ever encountered. Chased me through the whole of the acceptus spire. In the dream she was relentless with her green evil eyes. I tried to hurt myself in order to wake up but something unnatural stopped me… Then I ran even more desperately. I screamed like a madman until Fides kicked me silent… I’ve never been so grateful for being kicked wide awake… The longing to slit my own throat in order to save my soul… I’ve never thought I would try to kill myself even in my sleep. While I was sleeping the techpriests made significant progress with restoring carrum to a degree of autonomy.

I sensed that the source of the nighmare was coming from the lower levels of the AdMech spire. I sensed an impenetrable wall of psychic force in the shape of a nonagon. I decided to not disturb it. Apparently the databanks of the AdMech with all their secrets lie there.

The scrapcode released is dormant for now but we have to isolate the admech spire as soon as possible and as I am writing the others are going over the plan which points we should sabotage in order to save the rest of the hive. If the scrapcode manages to get out of the AdMech systems millions will die. Ephrael has went off to warn the Inquisitor. 99% of the AdMech is dead.

We’ve come up with a plan. We need to shut off the power generators. I’ve worked with the gas in the energy system before. I know a way to halt the system and clog the pipes. It will need a lot of time and work to restart it but i think it is the only safe way of doing so. We need to cut the power from the databanks in the lower hive before the enemies of the Imperium are done with their heretical operation. We need to alert the Arbites and the Ecclesiarchy. We need Imperial Guardsmen. The whole hive must be put on lockdown. If it comes to this we have to physically destroy the link between the AdMech Spire and the rest of the hive.

Although the plan is ready I can’t go out alone. The white horrors… They still lurk in my peripheral vision. I swear in the Emperor’s undying spirit I can hear them behind the corners.


MalYaska MalYaska

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