The Eye That Sleepeth Not

+Log of Sister Militant Fides+ {12th August}

Open Log
Date: 4-46l0.211.M41 {12th August}

Having returned to the Combine main base after successfully winning Trademaster-Regent Ramos to our side, we traveled to the contract repository, to make our next move. Once there, Ramos delved deeper into the true state of the Combine: heretics lurk everywhere to the point we are the only ones he trusts, the House of Roth is blackmailing him, the true Trademaster has been kidnapped, the faceless trade is active, there is smuggling on a massive level, and there is a hidden plot to arrange the destruction of the Combine by way of the Inquisition.
Following this revelation, I put forward that this plot could be the work of a cult, using the sacrifice of the Combine to power the ruinous powers. This appeared to shake Ramos out of him drug-addled stupor, and starts demanding that we ‘tell him who we are’. I try to calm him down, but this attempt only appeared to exacerbate his confusion. From this, I reminded him that, owing to the importance of our mission, if he fails to aid us, his soul shall share the guilt of the crimes of the heretics. At this point, Jamber attempted to calm him down as well, saying that we are the Emperor’s loyal servants. Ramos then questioned this.
The most restrained act I could do in response to this blasphemous accusation was to strike him in the solar plexus, winding him. Once he got back to his feet, I again appealed to his faith, getting a more positive response this time. He challenged us to hunt down a former captain of the Combine, Eskiel, as evidence of our loyalty to the Emperor.
However, we deemed it more important to secure the life of the Trademaster-Regent. Under the cover of needing to form a committee to address the findings of our cover story, determine what policy should be chosen to solve said findings and how said policy should be administrated. Of course, in truth the whole purpose of this is to tie the combine in as much bureaucracy as possible, to prevent any guilty parties from leaving and bring them to light.
Once we reached the Pride of Askellon in Ramos’ personal craft, the Nebuchadnezzar, we approached Severine with our plan. Naturally, we could not inform her of all the details, owing to the volitor implants, but we did get her to agree to our plan, and aid us in what ways she can. She may be trustworthy after all.
+ End Log+


MalYaska Fides

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