The Eye That Sleepeth Not

+Log of Sister Militant Fides+

Open Log
Replace Sister Novitae with Sister Militant
Date: 4-450.211.M41 {1st July}
+Thought of the Day: +Heresy lurks in every heart; no-one is above suspicion +

After our long voyage, the Emperor’s light has guided us to our destination. However, it swiftly becomes apparent that the light of the Emperor does not shine as brightly here as it rightly should. The corporal who greeted us at the main port, the Pride of Askellon, appeared as a drunkard, utterly disgracing his position. The men under his command were no better, lounging about bringing shame to the Imperium. I had to resort to intimidation to get him to escort us to the Militant-Governor, whom we were informed was expecting us.
After a short walk, we arrived at a massive double door, presumably the office of the Governor. The Corporal’s Captain was also there, and was substantially better than the Corporal, lambasting him and his men for their lax attitude. The Captain then guided us through the door, where we were forced to disarm (Note: though the stringent attitude should be welcomed, disarming a Sister of Battle cannot be looked upon favourably).
Finally, we met with the Governor, one Severine Canterella. Surrounded as she is by frivolous luxuries, I recommend she be watched for the time being. Though, it must be pointed out that an off-hand comment (from Jamber, of course) revealed that she truly had no idea of the affairs at Aventine, which may support claims of her ignorance over heresies committed in her guard.
To her credit, Canterella did aid us with our investigation, granting us access to the records we needed to examine, but in doing so, she let slip that the Navy has very little power at Aquila.
After our meeting, we travel to the Administratum records. Here too, the imperial servants are lazy, requiring coercion to aid us. The three ships that were highlighted, Foehammer, Saint Cornelia and Diligence, have not been present at Aquila recently, with Foehammer having no records of ever being present. Keeping the manifestoes of these ships, we concluded that the heretics are utterly off the record.
Returning to our vessel, we discovered that our ship had been ransacked. No goods had been stolen, but it was clear someone had been in here. We had no time to investigate this, having to travel to the Combine, evidently the current power of the Port. A serf greets us, and we managed to force him to take us to the Trademaster, the man in charge of the Combine. On our journey, we gather that the current Trademaster is but a regent, the true Trademaster is not present.
As we arrive at his office, we catch the end of a meeting. Lazuras managed to identify one of the participants as Gabriel Roth, of the House of Roth. Finally, we met the Trademaster-Regent, Ramos. After first impressions are made, he gave us the files of the contracts of Saint Cornelia, which we proceeded to investigate. Final note, as we examined the files, he was covered in a cold sweat.
+ End Log+


MalYaska Fides

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